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Blast from the Past

Day 6 of being very aware that Im a                           breakable skeleton.

What I thought would be 3 days with this back injury has turned into 6. It's a beautiful hot Saturday and I've only seen the inside of my house. This is a definite blast from the past from when I initially got hurt 10 years ago.
I smell like Icy Hot and spend my days trying to find a comfortable position inbetween doing very gentle stretching, ice packs, heated baths, complaining and knocking myself out early every night with a muscle relaxer.
I haven't been binging any Netflix nor reading...which is probably what I should do.
Two days I actually had to venture out to work. I strapped on my 10 year old back brace, plastered a frozen smile on my face and gently wobbled at turtle speed to complete my mission.
Those two days set me back and today my back seized up again in protest...time to stay off my feet and get in bed. So here I am boring you with the details in a blog.
I wasn't complet…
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This is why you quit

9 years ago I sustained a back injury which made my decision to quit the 9-5 job world a no brainer...
Every so often I get a not so gentle reminder of this. My back goes out. It's either too much activity or not enough activity and it always puts me out for about 3 days of lessons. Lessons in doing too much. Lessons in not stretching every day. Lessons in gradually strengthening your core. So I heed the lesson and go with the flow. There's nothing I can do to speed up healing. You sit with the lesson and relax into it. I have a system in place because this has happened so many times.
Gentle stretches, make yourself hobble around a few times during the soaks, ice pack, pain patches, TENS unit and in the evening a muscle relaxer if they're on hand. Not pushing and not fighting are key.
Bending over and twisting are out of the question. Walking and standing too much- NOPE. Everything is humbling..from trying to get in and out of the tub to trying to wipe your own …

Give Yourself Flowers

Give yourself flowers
I feel like Im awakening from a deep sleep where I only existed to work. It feels like my eyes are now open to "enjoying life" and making time for me and "fun". I guess I consider my morning walks as part of that fun. They have become very necessary to my health.
I recently read an article stating that one of the signs of poor mental health was the desire to be alone. I have to call bullshit on that. In fact its the people who can't stand being alone ever that have more problems in my opinion. Being with your thoughts, learning about your patterns and why you do things, actively participating in steering your thoughts, words and actions. SO NECESSARY to mental health! If I didn't have alone time (and lots of it) I'd go nuts! Being an artist definitely suits my need for quiet in-the-zone time and explains why retail work drove me bonkers. And monks... who spend so much time alone... have opened parts of their brain…

Reclaiming your path

Reclaiming your path
I don't do a lot of "selfies" anymore but I dropped about 13 lbs and wanted to capture the moment on my face. I'm reclaiming my health and body and that is major for me.
Since reading up on hormone balancing and adding DIM and natural progesterone cream into my regiment I've actually been seeing the scale go DOWN as opposed to nowhere. Endometriosis and the birth control pills I have to take continuously to keep my body shut off wreak havoc in other ways and its a painful tradeoff but a necessary one.
Aside from a once in a blue moon dance with "real pizza" I'm pretty much off the gluten and minimized my "corn intake". Those two things are inflammatory to me and the goal is to put out the fire in my body.
After months of hiding from my gym I went back and loved the BURN in my arms and abs. I'm looking forward to resculpting what my illness took away.
It's the beginning of a new month and I fe…

Big new LAUNCH!

(Hammering out all the things that haunt me) Up early having my morning brew and feeling pretty accomplished with this week so far. I managed the Herculean task of updating my WEBSITE...and I don't mean just refreshing some new photos...I mean a complete overhaul and rebranding. It was painful....
Theres a lot I had to cut to make my site CLEAN, CURRENT and easy to navigate.
That means not having everything I've ever painted clogging up the galleries but a nice smattering of the most recent and my best (albeit older) works.

Got everything linked in for anyone wanting to purchase art or prints and any of my art merch. Made an available art page with pricing (crucial) and had to read up on some DO'S and DON'TS for art websites. I think it's pretty clean and I love it A MILLION TIMES BETTER.
You can peep it here and can even give me feedback ☺

At some point Im doing a Wordpress site but for now Im happy with this. So with NEW BLOG LAYOU…

A working weekend

Photo of me in my studio before the photographer showed up!
Had a wonderfully productive weekend in the studio. It started Friday with me doing a MAJOR cleaning session at my house. The Dallas Observer peeps were coming by to take photos of me for an upcoming interview. I'll post a link when it's out- should be a couple of weeks. In the background is "Safely Away"- my newest piece and it's since been picked up by the collector so my studio is EMPTY of magic right now. This means....time to paint more!
"Safely Away", 36" x 48" acrylic on canvas. Kimme Collection Just got this one back from being professionally scanned and put it up in my Shopify as LIMITED EDITION SIGNED PRINTS. I get these printed on RIVES PAPERS, a beautiful French paper with just the right amount of texture- sign them and ship them off. You can pick up your print here (theres a 10% off code at the top of my site!)
I'm in the thick of…

In the mix!

"Safely Away" Completed my latest and pretty much had it sold before the paint was dry. What a great feeling when the right person connects with your art and values it enough to WANT it in their home. Big thanks to my collector Emili who will be getting her lovely egrets this week. Dropped the painting off for proper photography yesterday and will be offering prints soon. 
Emili visited the studio to peep her new acquisition!  It has been awhile since I've gotten to work on my personal paintings and it felt great- flowed naturally and reminded me...THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING DING DONG! Its sooo easy to get lost in the business of business. Swept away in the hustle and strife....but that ain't life! So actively making time for my art on top of the "making rent" work I do-is necessary. And its nice being actively collected and sought after without a gallery even getting involved. If I could keep this up-how fantastic!  I originally was invi…