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Let's Leap!

Happy Leap Day! My painting "Night and Day" seemed appropriate for the theme of leaping and leaping is just what I'm doing . I got the message asking for all my promo stuff for my solo art show and the fire has been lit. Its time to do some hardcore painting and making time in my busy work schedule for...even more painting.
This popped up on my Facebook memories and it was so cosmic! I guess in 2016 I was also prepping for something-but can't remember what. I guess the theme of my life is painting and keep painting. And speaking of painting...this painting sold yesterday and will be going to a fabulous collector. It was a timely sale because RENT favorite time...the time where alllll the coins I've worked so hard for all month get deposited into my landlords bank account and not mine! Lol! We are working on getting out of this pattern and you know how? Painting. Painting. Painting. Duh!
(Sold! "Bite Back")
So yeah- about to hermit HARD so if …
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The Gilded Age

Its been a super long time since I've updated my blog! But you're probably on my Facebook and already know all of this. I picked up part time work doing gilding, finishing and making things beautiful. Some things are broken and needing to be fixed (and silver leafed) such as this ancient mirror...
(Top of ancient mirror that will need to be attached and silver leafed-I've started the leafing process here)
I should have taken a BEFORE shot because these were brown wooden bases in serious need of love. I transformed them into these warm, glowing and golden pieces here. They will be attached to marble lamps to complete the transformation.
So that's my part time day job and my other job has been completing commissions so I can jump into painting for my solo show. Just finished a grouping of these cactus stacks for a lovely garden show in Arkansas at the beginning of March. It was fun to play with the bright colors and totally reminded me of painting for the Fair this past…

Abstract Super Mario Vibes

Quickie shot in my studio of the latest finished, yet untitled, abstract.
I'll take better photos when the sun pops out. Im kinda loving this one lots and feel as if some perfect composition happened here. Almost lanscapey but with some definite Super Mario turtle shell vibes happening. My subconscious kid is in the driver's seat. I see little favorite spots all over.
Layering and editing has been my favorite part of the process on these. Where to take away the dead spots...where to punch some unexpected color or design elements...constant decisions.
But this one was done and screamed done without question after all black squiggles were arranged. Its rare when it happens but super satisfying when it does.
Busy today getting supplies, more painting and a little secret thing I'll divulge if it comes to fruition.
A cactus commission is on my plate as I work on solo show so juggle juggle time.
I got this. 😎

The Unrockable Boat

Of late I've been experiencing a private satisfaction in where I am personally. Most notably how I have disengaged from old habits that kept me from growing or feeling good.
One of those old habits is : reacting. I've had many things to be annoyed, angry, hurt about but I have not reacted and given the other party any satisfaction in acknowledging they have disappointed me. I simply acknowledged "ah so that is their real character and motivation, pretty distasteful" and removed them as any kind of priority in my world. They don't get my energy, they don't get my time. Much like a swift dropkick- the opponent its now rendered inactive.
I don't waste time on online trolls or arguing with strangers, I fully recognize when people who call themselves friends actively screw me over and purposely pass me up for opportunities or help. It is all good. When you have become an oasis unto yourself you are not searching.
You dont need compliments or ego boosts or a &…

Play, Experiment and Fun

Current lowkey life in the studio: work,work,work. I've gotten a lovely response on my newest abstracts and will continue with them this week as I plan on my next bigger canvas.
I have about two months until solo shows are on the calendar so it's imperative for me to create,produce and paint my butt off. It is hibernation and incubation time.
What I like about these is the process of layers that allows me to work on several at once in rotation. While one is drying another can have its next layer of work done on it.
Despite their simplicity there is a lot of decision making that goes into abstracts. There are little magic touches that you don't want to lose in the editing process and there are areas that need to be pushed further. Deciding what stays, goes, needs to be reworked keeps the brain highly activated.
It's important to shut off the dialogue that plays in your head while you work. The dialogue that wants to talk business, direction and other topics that do not…

Chickens hatching!

Its Monday and I'm rested and have energy. Rare! The piece above is "Azul" and was sold and COLLECTED yesterday...and I hope somehow,some way my Troll gets this information. While they were wasting time typing hateful things someone was digging my paint vibes and paying me for it. HAIR TOSS! 😂
I also got a message from a potential collector about this baby:
"Little Mysteries" has been with me awhile and I would love to see it collected. However I don't count my chickens before they hatch. Many times people have told me they were going to collect something and just went quiet. I don't harass people for a sale so I just let it be-chalking it up to people just like to talk about things they never do. It's just taught me to believe no words-only the payment.
Believe me I learned the hard way- thinking I had a sale or a project and feeling like it was ok to spend money on more supplies or something and then no sale... or someone took my project away. A…

In the key of LOWKEY

"Willomet" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 8"  one of several mini abstracts just completed.

Last night's pop up art show was fun and I've gotten good at mastering a lowkey display. In fact lowkey is a great description for my current life.
A selection of prints, original abstracts on canvas and a sampling of the vinyl on the wall. These events used to stress me out but after a whole month of the State Fair and a couple of other vending events I have it down to a science and my setup is usually packed and ready to load into the car at a moment's notice. Small folding table, easy sneezy. Even my current art is lowkey:
I say "current" but what even does that mean? It can totally be something different tomorrow. My current state of mind: NO PIGEONHOLES I have fun unwinding after something tedious like the wolf painting with meditative abstracts. Always have, always will. It is part of my art as much as bats, doodle bugs, floral chaos and cloud shape…