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Corndog Days are here again...

2 Days till the Fair! Eeeeeep! It's about to get REAL! 9 hour days painting at the Fair, no post-lunch cat naps to recharge...will I survive?
For those of you not in Texas- the State Fair is a big to do that gets put on annually right before Halloween and it is thousands and thousands of people non stop and fun exhibits and crazy food and rides. This will be my first time taking on such a challenge...not just live painting for an event but live painting daily for the duration of the Fair-almost a month. 😳
I'll be set up in the Women's Museum with my friend Modesto who invited me to participate. He will be live painting also! Our section of the exhibit is part of Mundo Latino and there will be a chocolate exhibit there this year.
Yes. CHOCOLATE. My vice!
Today I go scout our area and do food prep for the upcoming chaos. Tomorrow is install day- finally getting the art hung and the table laid out. Then there is a big party for us to attend tomorrow night and I think the ca…
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The final countdown! Dee do dee doo -dee dodeedahdoo!

The countdown is on - 6 days till the Fair and 5 days till setup! My little stint at The Skyline Agency on Thursday was a good practice run in hauling inventory, set up and socializing. It also gave me insight into what I still need for my booth and to make things easier.
My space for the pop-up was small and all tabletop but I was able to get a lot of matted prints, framed prints and originals in one space along with my info and biz cards. The Fair will have gridwall so I can hang the paintings properly. 
Im thinking I may need to pop off more of these because one is on reserve ALREADY and one of the Big Texs has already been bought!
"Aerial cactus in Plumvision" sold to a collector!
Sold some pieces yesterday to some collector friends of mine! Much appreciated because...its almost rent time and I've been steadily sinking my funds into stuff for the FAIR 😮 so big thank you to my collectors for this end of month push!
"Abandonment 1" also sold to a collector …

Good vibes only

I now have ten small originals that are available and not stopping yet!  I've also got a handful of fun Fair themed mixed media pieces that fuse painting, print, photography and my digital skills into some sweet little Fair/Texas pop art!
Tomorrow is one of the big days on my calendar...Design District Art Walk! It will be good practice for the Fair- its been sooo long since Ive done a public "thing". So finishing up a commission today, doing some more painting and getting everything ready for tomorrow. This week has been weird and filled with death and strange ready to just get back into my good headspace and create. Now is the time to focus and surround myself with positive vibes because I need every drop of goodness right now. About to hit the studio and paint, frame, knock out a commission- have a great week friends!


Countdown to the Fair is ON!  Doing up some fun little pop art style Fair themed pieces for a little break from cactus...wait-theres still cactus on these- AGGGHHHH CACTUS MANIA! 😂😜
My new square scanner came in and I need to practice with it and make sure my selling platform is all ready to go. Before State Fair is the Design District pop up-this coming Thursday! Hope my friends can make it out-its part of the Gallery Walk so there will be lots of art to check out. I'll have my newest pieces there as well as some affordable prints. 
I did a 16" x 20" egret painting and will do another one today. Exhaustion grabbed me yesterday and I basically rested my brain and took it easy. Much needed-but now it's back to work.
The prints are being matted as we speak and I've got to sit down and get promo stuff for my booth squared away. So many little details to remember when doing something like this...signage, information, price tags, display stuff, hanging arrangements…

Go elf, go!

Hard at work painting for Design District Pop Up and State Fair! My newest was this fun pink cactus...
Which kind of looks like its nested in a corazon made of a pink and purple agate. I've moved up from 9x12 and 11x14... to 16x20's this week.
Heres the current studio view- hanging above my print and matting area

The piece that's not hanging has been claimed-also its the piece I chose for high end prints. These will be lovely on nice Rives paper. Finally got some approvals on some commercial work so finally getting a small check this week! Much needed as ordering prints and product for the Fair is killin me 😜 Its times like these I could really use a business loan!
New cactus products I'll have at the Fair- very small quantities (like 1 or 2 until I can get funds to order more) but love these!
But it is what it is and Im using my wits, imagination and creativity to make do with what I have. Ordering a little product here and there as Im able and just painting my butt…

The colors, the sads, the therapy...

I'm making a conscious effort to NOT be on social media too much this week. For one I'm busy...for two Im sad... and I can endlessly blog my feelings and I don't really want to right now.
I lost a friend. One I knew from the start I would lose because I've only known her with metastatic cancer. So I've had the whole of our friendship to pontificate and prepare for her absence...but damn if it doesn't still hurt.
I took her on as a friend fully knowing she was on the downward staircase and would be out the door to an afterlife party.... but I still took her on as a friend- because I would want the same at a time when I would really need friends. I never think it can't happen to me. I just think "that's not my situation today". But I don't want to blog all this right now- I want to blog about life and art and am glad I have painting as my therapy through such things.
Now that DJ gig is over its time to burrow deep into my studio and make th…

No Rest For The Wicked

Paint, paint, paint... One thing a challenge will do- it will kick your butt into gear. HARD. The other thing it will do- prepare you for future challenges. All I had to say out loud was " Jeez Universe I think I have taken on enough...chill please!" And the Universe kept ladling on the stuff- another design project from work, an old longtime customer needing a vinyl, a new potential client wanting something done...all while Im trying to get ready for two back to back events and most of my artwork has been sold so I must now start from scratch. 😳  Yes I am stressed. I am also getting trained by the Universe to work more efficiently than I've ever worked before. I am getting my time management long does it take to paint a certain size with the amount of detail that suits me? Then that gives me an idea of how many I can create in a day in that size.
And my time is improving as I get my "language" down. Certain things I like to put into each one be…