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It is what it is

Back to work after the icepocalypse! Kind of a strange chain of events that just transpired in Texas with the mega freeze, power outages, ice and snow! Writing it here just to track it in my history but then I have to wonder is it really so strange in light of all the chaotic hoopla we have been in of late with Pandemic World?  My own life is in a bit of chaotic limbo and I'm trying to weather each day as it comes. Without getting too in depth or personal, just know I'm busy navigating strange roads, unchartered territories and general whatthef*ckness in my internal universe. My brain always seems to be elsewhere and I'm in need of some grounding meditation right now. Painting walls I'm in the process of setting up a studio elsewhere and have been knee deep in KILZ and researching lighting. This studio has less windows so will require more light balancing.  I loved the fun retro orange but art requires light and purity of spectrum bouncing layman's terms
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Snowpocalypse 2021

The great Snowpocalypse of 2021! I know, Texans are babies in the snow. And in particular Dallasites. Michigan peeps can laugh at us freaking out over here...but we are also not equipped to deal with this white stuff falling on our cactuses. Case in point- power is out for way too many people as rolling blackouts have been put into place or just plain outages. I have been one of the lucky few to be spared so far. But I also have a dread it's coming for me when I woke up at 2 am I just went ahead and made coffee. No telling if power is going out or when.  Internet goes in and out and I've done all the things to minimize my use.  Rounded up all the things I might need in case it goes out and remembered this cool birthday present my mom got me last year. A lantern! Bright and battery powered. I love it! I even have an old school percolator I can put on my mini grill out on the porch if power goes out and I need to cook/ heat stuff up. I'm also fortunate enough to hav

February and new music

The weather has turned stupid cold in Dallas and I am ready for Spring. Too much fun to be had outside and this cold just kills that. It is what it is though and it is what we have right now.  Hoping all the plants in the new garden will be ok as we get through another freeze. I'm looking forward to sunshine days, skateboard time and warmer temps! Yesterday's bass lesson with Joe Lally I'm on my third Skype bass lesson with Joe Lally and already there's a noticeable change in my playing. It's amazing how just taking a little time and putting the effort in has made such a difference.  My hand is getting stronger and the acrobatic feat of stretching my tiny pinky and reaching and holding strings is vastly improved. Probably one of the best investments in myself during this whole pandemic has been this. Haven't turned on Netflix once or binge watched anything. My goal was to come out of all this stronger, smarter and more skilled than ever. My homework assignment n

The importance of fire

               The importance of fire in your day Been awhile so thought I'd update on absolutely nothing at all. Wrapped up some commissions that were hanging around and have been enjoying my bass practice sessions and lessons. I'm getting better and my fingers are starting to work the way they are supposed to. It's important to have fire in your day, fire for something. A passion.  Joe Lally has been a great teacher and motivator. I already feel 10 times better than I was and new rhythms are coming naturally to me now. I'm psyched about it! Lots of stuff going on in my life and trying to weather it all and stay balanced. What's new? Aren't we all just trying to stay balanced? Another thing I'm putting some time garden! Happy to get my hands in the dirt again and make things grow 🌱☺️ Already got collard greens, onions, garlic and an assortment of herbs going. Spending time outside on the good weather days is so good for the soul. Hoping you all

Time time time

        Sukha in front of my painting she collected  My friend James posted this photo of Sukha in front of my painting and I loved everything about it. I also loved the little arrow that pointed at my heart and pinged it softly...the ping pang's of missing painting. I'm currently in "commission" mode and doing stuff for other people while doing a part time job and trying to stay on top of bass lessons. My inner self is in turmoil a bit and I'm trying to navigate everything. I would love to work on a painting so will try to make some ideas come alive soon on that front. This blog isn't really about anything but wanting more time for art. It's hard when you have so many interests and obligations to others to get on the stick sometimes. In the meantime we can admire the lovely Sukha who makes time for art appreciation. 🐈🐾  

Throw your back into it

  Yesterday started off well enough. I woke up alive. So far so good. Got up and walked to the bathroom. All systems fine. Walked into kitchen to make coffee. I had no sooner reached the counter when ZAAAAAPPPPP! A LIGHTNING BOLT OF WHATHEFUCKNESS hit my spine and caused the whole middle/upper portion of my back to seize up. This is what we call "throwing out your back" and it's a super power you achieve if you're blessed with a bad back/injury/pissed off a god somewhere, etc. What follows is a stream of expletives, a scan of any recent things you may done to piss off a god, a brief suspicion of which god you pissed off and an acceptance that whatever plans you had for the day just got shot to hell. I felt glad it was upper middle Earth that got bolted and not lower back. Lower back means you can't walk or stand up straight and you are now Igor so go lay down. Middle upper means you can still walk like a robot leaving a car wreck and don't even think about tur

Bass Lessons

My little Ashdown has been quiet for years. It's VU meter sitting dim through the ages. Yesterday I lit it up and it was the warm yellow glow of every teenage late night bedroom, when your ears are new and the song popping and crackling on your record player is exciting fire. I had my first bass lesson with Joe Lally yesterday. If you know, then you know. He's kind of a big deal to me. I think I've been listening to him for over half my life. Wait, rewind that part...when his bass kicks in and you have the volume cranked to "Vibrate My Bones" level. What is he doing there? Wow! Rewind again. It was and is like that. So I was super thrilled I got the opportunity to engage in lessons with him. I know my weaknesses and what needs work. I know all the bad habits I developed with my DIY FUCK IT AND JUST PLAY style. Which, by the a great way to be. But I'm at a point in my life where I want to learn, learn, learn and grow. I want to know all about what I