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Marking the passing of a princess

  I've never been good at eulogizing or even writing grand statements at the passing of my favorite beings. But I will mark this sad day, 4th of July with the smallest of words for such a grand being. Nico, Viking warrior princess - lived to the sweet age of 21 and many of those years were spent fighting diabetes. She never liked another cat, rarely liked anyone besides her humans and had the sharpest nails of any beast and the quickest paw in the west. Couple those two powers together and you did not want to be on the wrong side of her ire. In her better days she enjoyed sneaking off to visit a neighbor boyfriend for clandestine garden visits she never told me the nature of. She also enjoyed sunbathing, hot bricks and tuna water. She was a goddess incarnate and let everyone know. Many a minute she spent gazing into the mirror at the beautiful Nubian queen she was. In her waning years she still reigned supreme. More demanding and difficult but still got around her kingdom, said no
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Back in the saddle?

  This week I decided to take my life back from the shadowy way it was going. All the things I could fix would at least be worked on. So Monday I was up bright and early to do a much neglected thing on my list. Rejoin my gym. If you're on my Facebook you already know about the turtle incident and how that turned what should have been my hour long gym session into a 20 minute one. Turtle rescue is more important and so today I resume my big return to the gym. Take 2!  I'm not getting any younger and my body needs 911! Much exercise and clean eating here we go! Luckily I started some progress with cutting back coffee in the morning (and all the sweet creamer that goes into it) and I eradicated all ice cream from the premises. There is asparagus, spinach, romaine, cucumbers and carrots in abundance now. I'm not even feeling a sweet tooth in the least and even my one cup of coffee sometimes only gets half drank and then tossed. My body knows what it needs and doesn't.  Star

The Here and the Now

  My latest piece I did finally complete the peonies piece I started last year and it is sold and at the printers getting properly scanned. I'm working hard at doing all the right things like documenting each piece properly before I send it off into the world. There's actually a lot of my earlier pieces that didn't get so lucky in my early and more broke years- so no high res photos of those exist at this point. It was hard completing a piece because honestly my life has been a lot of crazy with me juggling a new business and working part time and life in general. But I am resolved to carving out more time for my art because it's who I am and what I do.  My other business- woodworking and charcuterie! Not only do I help make the boards but I do all the photography, food composition and social media wrangling for Tygerbyrd Woodwork. And I love how it has nothing to do with the art world, galleries, competitive artists and all the hooplah that burned me out on the art sce

It's 2022 whoopty doo

  Most recent unfiltered no makeup selfie to show you how real 2022 is.  So it's 2022 and the pandemic thing is still going on. I write these blogs to document my mental state at certain points in my life and my mental state right now is OVER IT 🤣  I'm 45 and transitioning into the other side of my adult life while still feeling a lot like an 8 year old, in some regards. I've realized as I watch people I know continue to do the same things they've been doing, at the same places, with the same people and for the same reasons (habit?) that I feel no connection to that lifestyle anymore. I don't seek validation, approval and more "friends" and therefore don't feel the need to constantly be out social butterflying at the usual spots. Gossiping about the same things with the same people. It feels like everything is done for social media to watch. Life for the purpose of Instagram.   I used to call it the "glittering world of nightlife" but it'

Whole Hog

 I learned early on you don't always get what you want in life. You can circle as many things as you want on a Toys R Us Christmas mailer and get zero of those things. You can wish for a Lite Brite year after year and be 45 years old and still not have one. This is life. Not supposed to be fair. Not supposed to be used to just given things you want. As a result my life was dedicated to what needed to be done and who needed what. Not what I wanted or needed but everyone else. I didn't get the things I wanted so I just thought that's how it was. Everyone else deserved the things. Not me.  I would need new shoes yet buy shoes for others. New jackets for them, worn out spray paint hoodies for me. Treat others to delicious restaurants, find bollweevils in my box of rice at home. Make big holiday meals for the family when I was tired and not feeling festive... and put on my best Pollyanna positive face to serve it and kinda cry inside that the responsibility was always on me to m

The Empty Game

  New one in progress Of late I am relishing in the extreme amount of I DONT CARE- ness I feel toward social media social climbing. I don't have giant numbers of "followers". And I don't care. I don't have my ego distorted on the daily as a benefit. The digital world is a whole lot of mirage. And in the art "scene"- a whole lot of silly nothing that goes absolutely nowhere. Case in point... My art has been published- went nowhere. I've been on TV- whoopty whoop- went nowhere. Show in New York- went nowhere. Interviewed and written about- went nowhere. Shown in some top galleries- went nowhere. Been in some of the best curated shows- went nowhere. So a bunch of likes and such on the interwebs- I SHRUG.  None of that matters. Truly connecting, organically ( not buying followers and bots) with real people is going to win out all the time. Whether they buy your work or not ( hopefully they do)- it was REAL ... And in this current world of the Uber fake t

As the dust settles

Finally had a few days to decompress from the State Fair and try to recover. What I thought were allergies... Sinus infection. 🤧 Can we say- FUN?!  NOT. SNOT. Half the stuff from the Fair is still in the car. That's how exhausted I was from a month long ordeal of being a "seller", fighting illness and combating endo that was trying to creep up on me. All while juggling a part time job and trying to keep everything stocked and printed and matted and ordered and stuff shipped out. It kicked my butt proper but it was necessary. I'm now back in the "zone" to create and focus on my business... Which was kinda limping around for awhile honestly.  I've got so many ideas and projects in the works it's not funny. I really can't wait for sinus fun to be evicted from my head so I can start it up. Today I return to part time job with my trusty bottle of DayQuil and get back to the grind of life. Bad health stuff has creeped into my friends lives as well and