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Licensed to ILL

I don't know what this picture is from but it felt apropo for a blog about being ill...but still going.
My endo pains grabbed me this week after a 2 month run at freedom from it.
I think this is Day 3 or Day hopefully this episode is almost done.
Days with endo flare ups are weird and limbo make no plans or cancel plans. You stick close to home...bed...bath. You usually wake up hurting... then it dissipates and you try to be somewhat productive but end up writhing in pain in bed anyway so sometimes you just stay there. Why the pretense that we're getting anything done? We aren't!
But I've been worse so I'm weathering it ok.
Pain can make you feel bitchy so I keep to myself and take my hurt out on innocent canvases that didn't meet my expectations. This particular one has been sitting here for half a year but "not quite there". So I took a catalyst wedge to it and some paint.

I like it much better but unsure if it needs something more. I think this is going to be my experimental thing I will keep jacking with and see what happens. But it took my mind off the pain for a bit. 
Work has popped up and record requests - so this weekend will be me slowly heading in that direction. Taking lots of "pain breaks" and keeping my grumps to myself. I really hermit down more than usual when I'm ill. I'm not that gal who takes visitors...Im like an animal looking for my quiet dying spot.
I don't know why Im like this 😜😂 
Anyway that's my life at the moment. Tell me if I should keep going on the painting or leave it alone. It has a good composition as is but does it have magic? Everything needs magic.


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