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Abstract Super Mario Vibes

Quickie shot in my studio of the latest finished, yet untitled, abstract.
I'll take better photos when the sun pops out. Im kinda loving this one lots and feel as if some perfect composition happened here. Almost lanscapey but with some definite Super Mario turtle shell vibes happening. My subconscious kid is in the driver's seat. I see little favorite spots all over.
Layering and editing has been my favorite part of the process on these. Where to take away the dead spots...where to punch some unexpected color or design elements...constant decisions.
But this one was done and screamed done without question after all black squiggles were arranged. Its rare when it happens but super satisfying when it does.
Busy today getting supplies, more painting and a little secret thing I'll divulge if it comes to fruition.
A cactus commission is on my plate as I work on solo show so juggle juggle time.
I got this. 😎


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Well it's official. I am addicted. Luckily to nothing horrible. It was bound to happen. I'm addicted to the morning walk...the endorphins...the serotonin...the "me" time....the solitude....the music pumping in my ears...the nature I see and feeling like I control my day.  I'm usually up before the sun and getting as much mileage as my body allows. Sometimes it's more than others but it's always good. I'm going to add in more sprints here and there as "burst" exercises are better for me than long running sessions.  Yes, even on the weekends I'm out doing it. There is no sleeping in and admittedly I woke up at 2:30am and started having my morning coffee in preparation... Even though I will wait till much later to go out. That's how I know it's an addiction.  Currently on Week 6 and haven't missed a workout or even postponed it. I showed up for myself and made myself a priority every morning. I am proud of that and so much LESS STR…

Stayin' Alive Stayin' Alive

"Calyces Primavera" mixed media on         30" x 30" gallery wrapped canvas

Today is a busy day- showing art at the Artist Showcase and Home Tour from 4-8pm. I'll have to be there early to hang so I'll be here practically all day. Excited to see everyones art and meet n greet. The only thing Im apprehensive about is MY BODY IS TRYING TO KILL ME THIS WEEK and how will I survive chatting up people and pretending theres not a murderer stabbing me?!
Sorry, real talk. I want to do the ARTIST thing but it's also stabbing time and very hard for me.
However I'm pretty proud of myself for knocking a new painting out this month despite the pains and heavy work load- I made time for ME and my goals. I have to. No compromise.
I also woke up to a headache. No doubt because Ive been cutting calories and my body is wise to it. Sorry body-but it has to be done until you remember how to work properly again.
So rough week for me as I go through physical body stuff b…

Thank you Covid

I've been steady replacing bad habits with good ones. Such as-time wasted in the mornings on Facebook have now been replaced with morning stretching sessions and honestly -it has made a WORLD of difference. Starting your day on the floor is grounding. Literally. Remember when you were a kid? You actually spent a lot of time on floors, on grass, sitting cross legged for some thing or other. At some point you lost touch with that, trading up for the adult world of ergonomic chairs at computers on desks and busy offices. In my case, I also entered the adult world of back injury and all that entailed. The back injury made me quit my job to pursue art life and it feels like my brush with Covid19 has made me have another epiphany to change things as well. My life had gotten stagnant and joyless. Chasing rent and never getting ahead will do that to you. Then Covid came and slapped me in the face... The body and spirit I had was being wasted and squandered. My health sucked. So slowly I …