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August 1

It's the beginning of August and the beginning of another weekend. I took this photo to remind me that a month ago I was hiding in pants and sleeves. Then I decided to accept my body, embrace it as my work in progress and love it at every stage of it's journey. Tank tops and shorts in the summer... Feels so much nicer to love yourself.

This weekend calls for productivity projects around the house and more work to do. A digital design project awaits, a friends lanterns need to be painted and a blank canvas awaits in my studio.
But first things first, a leisurely cup of coffee (my second) and then morning mileage. 
I feel my body slimming slowly every day and feel my muscles toning up. It's a great feeling to FEEL progress internally. I look forward to the miles, the shakes, the workouts... There's no dread and I do allow myself treats. Just having my body working normally and not hindered by endometriosis is miraculous. 
I woke up full of energy for life and even a pull to get creative this weekend. Skimming Instagram usually inspires me to go paint and then I get wrapped up in home organization projects and don't. I actually do need to start my closet revamp though 😳 maybe just chip, chip, chip away at it.
Nothing new to report or talk about it but did want to wish everyone a great weekend. 🌞


  1. Yay for shorts! You go girl! LOL! It's been many years since I've worn shorts. I won't be doing that any time soon.
    Do the closet next week. Enjoy working on some art this weekend.

    1. I look like a cartoon character in shorts 😂 but it's too hot for exercising in pants!

    2. I'm sure it's an adorable cartoon!


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