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Now in Cholavision!

Latest commission completed! My favorite dude... David Bowie. I could do a whole blog about the wonderfulness of Bowie but you already know and there's nothing more to be said about it. This is a hand painted vinyl record. I actually do not like doing these in the summer months because of the heat and what it can do to hand painted vinyl during shipping. I have had records stick to their sleeves in transit and also get broken despite my best packing (I have shipped hundreds so I'm Pro...mailmen-not so much). I have taken to using waxy paper to create a barrier against the surface and extra curing time for the gloss protector I use... But still... The anxiety of them melting and getting screwed up is a bit much. So please, wait till Fall on your records. If possible.
A friend reminded me of our joint birthday coming up in September and how it will be so different because of the virus. We usually celebrate together and it's usually delicious sushi. I found these on Amazon. Like hamster balls but your legs are free to roam. Can this be a new way of living? Can we celebrate in our modified hamster balls and eat sushi together-yet apart?

Bored much in lockdown? 🤣 I've taken to laughing at myself and trying to make my friends at least SMIRK at my antics. Yesterday I was a chola trying to help you get rid of "caca energy" by lighting veladoras. Let me know if it worked. We need all that caca energy out of our lives, Raza. I'm also kinda scaring myself because throw some hoop earrings and a chest tattoo on me and I'd say I make a pretty good Heina on the Blanca side of things 🤣

Yep that lone speck is me. I pretty much feel this way when I jump online and see everyone participating in sharing the same tired post, opinion, political rant, etc. I am working on elevating, making changes behind the scenes and within and don't really need to squawk out my opinion on everything daily. I'm meditating on letting the world do all that and not being Judgey about it. It's hard being human but I'm trying.
Truth of the matter is-I only need to align with myself and no one needs to sign off on approval for me. And same for others. Let them do them.
Saw this meme today and said HEY! IM DOING ALL THOSE THINGS! ... And it feels good. Hope everyone has a positive Monday and does healthy things for their emotional state. Laugh, smile, take a break from angry chatter. We all need that right now. ❤️


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"Calyces Primavera" mixed media on         30" x 30" gallery wrapped canvas

Today is a busy day- showing art at the Artist Showcase and Home Tour from 4-8pm. I'll have to be there early to hang so I'll be here practically all day. Excited to see everyones art and meet n greet. The only thing Im apprehensive about is MY BODY IS TRYING TO KILL ME THIS WEEK and how will I survive chatting up people and pretending theres not a murderer stabbing me?!
Sorry, real talk. I want to do the ARTIST thing but it's also stabbing time and very hard for me.
However I'm pretty proud of myself for knocking a new painting out this month despite the pains and heavy work load- I made time for ME and my goals. I have to. No compromise.
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I'll be set up in the Women's Museum with my friend Modesto who invited me to participate. He will be live painting also! Our section of the exhibit is part of Mundo Latino and there will be a chocolate exhibit there this year.
Yes. CHOCOLATE. My vice!
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Hard at work painting for Design District Pop Up and State Fair! My newest was this fun pink cactus...
Which kind of looks like its nested in a corazon made of a pink and purple agate. I've moved up from 9x12 and 11x14... to 16x20's this week.
Heres the current studio view- hanging above my print and matting area

The piece that's not hanging has been claimed-also its the piece I chose for high end prints. These will be lovely on nice Rives paper. Finally got some approvals on some commercial work so finally getting a small check this week! Much needed as ordering prints and product for the Fair is killin me 😜 Its times like these I could really use a business loan!
New cactus products I'll have at the Fair- very small quantities (like 1 or 2 until I can get funds to order more) but love these!
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